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Everyone has some kind of food rules

The other day my wife sent me an email spelling out all the food rules that I have set down during our nearly 24 years of marriage.

Letter to the Editor: Look in the Mirror

It pains me to see that the turn out for voting in the county was at 39.66 percent for Helper and 30.4 percent for Price.

Letter to the Editor: Rebuts persecuted minorities

Though I celebrate the rights of the individuals Ken Larsen mentioned in his letter (Sun Advocate, Nov. 22) to assemble and vent peacefully, I must say that I do not support the statements made about what job it is of the government or police officia...

Letter to the Editor: Problem is legislature

When the school district administration and the teachers' union are pitted against the school board and the district\'s parents, everyone loses.

Letter to the Editor: Finally happened

It has finally happened. A member of the Muslim faith, and also a king, has finally stood up and denounced terrorism.

The magic of Range Creek

After reading some of the newspaper and magazine articles about Range Creek and watching the recent TV documentary about the place, a person would almost think the canyon is a lost world like Jurassic Park. From all of the breathless publicity, one w...

Rantings and Ravings

Even though I am home working on my own schedule, I still live for the weekends. This is because I get to walk the dog without pushing a stroller up Wood Hill. I am free to explore the single track bike trail with my dog. ...

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