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An incident of suburban pastry rage

Some latest projections I saw last week from officials quoted by the upstate media indicates that over the next five to six years, Utah will grow by 300,000 people.

The Wasatch Behind: Thankful on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving began in 1621 when a band of destitute pilgrims decided to have a day of feasting and prayer to thank God for their first good harvest in the new world. Having survived a year of hardship, fear, and deprivation, they were thankful for ve...

Letter to the Editor: Persecuted minorities

As we consider the riots in France, let me tell you about an event I attended this evening. It was held at the old city building on 25th and Washington Boulevard in Ogden. It was organized by a lady we call "Happy", whose name is Shannon Gorder. ...

Letter to the Editor: Count on it

Those ignoramuses in the 9th Circuit Court have finally done it.

Rantings and Ravings

I was given a gift a few months ago. It wasn't what I wanted and I have had to really adjust my life to accept it. But it has truly been a gift.

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