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Inflation is here for most of us already

As many people who read my column know, I tend to be partial toward animals, particularly dogs. So it should be of little surprise to readers that I seldom buy box store type brand dog food for my canines....

Letter to the Editor: Should have asked

Shortly after John Roberts was chosen to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day 0'Connor, Newsweek published a profile containing passing mention of the appointee's enthusiasm for "a new book by Richard Haass, a friend who runs the Council...

Letter to the Editor: Not enough inspectors

In mid-August of this year I sent several letters to the editor of the leading daily and weekly newspapers in Utah to warn the readers of a very dangerous condition that was laying dormant in food dispensing outlets throughout the state. Some papers ...

Guest Editorial: Living on the Wasatch behind is a pretty good life

Eastern Utah should be a part of Colorado. Things are different on this side of the mountain. We have little in common with people on the Wasatch Front and we get no respect. The TV weatherman always stands in front of Vernal and Price. The Utah that...

Guest Editorial: Bill needs co-sponsor

The minimum wage in Mexico is $3.85 daily; Maquiladora factory workers earn $6 daily.

Guest Editorial: Fire department well trained

In regards to comments and rumors mentioned in the Sun Advocate (10-13-05) and in prior city meetings, I would like to put an end to the rumors.

Rantings and Ravings

Well, the Primary Election is over and very few of you voted. Because of that my vote counted for at least 20 other people. I chose to vote for 20 people who don't agree with my choices. ...

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