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Keep the heart in the voting process

Last years general election really showed something.

Letter to the Editor: They say 'sock it to em'

All these who buy gas that is. The oil companies have no morals or conscience. They do have big bank accounts though.

Letter to the Editor: it's time

With state coffers bursting at the seams, awash with record setting revenues collected and many billions of dollars paid over the years in motor fuel taxes, there is now a massive federal highway fund grant coming to Utah....

Letter to the Editor: Naming the airport

This letter is in regard to an article (Sun Advocate Aug. 25) about adding honorary names to the Carbon County Airport.

Rantings and Ravings

When I was helping with the Plein Air competition at the Helper Arts Festival, I had the opportunity to visit with the Artists who came in from out of the area. For some it was their first time to visit our community. ...

Guest editorial: Where the Clintons, Bush, and Reagan Agreed

By now everyone knows that a California judge has ruled the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional. Specifically, Senior District Court Judge Lawrence Karlton has ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates the right of school...

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