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Lessons learned as a kid are pertinent

There are lessons we all learn as children that stick with us the rest of our lives. Hopefully some of those experiences of a young age will save our life some day.

Letter to the Editor: Paying for free speech

This letter is in response to Robert Medaris' Salt Lake Tribune Public Forum letter of August 31,2005, which was in response to an August 23 editorial about the Pioneer Park demonstration pertaining to President Bush's visit to Salt Lake City to addr...

Letter to the Editor: Meeting helpful

The meeting on economic development for the county was very good and covered a large amount of items for the county and its citizens to consider and work on.

Rantings and Ravings

There is a different feel to the air. Fall is almost here again. I love fall, it is my favorite season.

Guest Editorial: America needs a raise in the minimum wage rate

Every month more families are sacrificing their well-being in the face of forced decisions like: "Should I pay rent and the electrical bill this month, or should I buy food so that my children can eat?" Everyone needs a job to sustain his or her fami...

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