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Openness not a silly notion of the press

Many people who live in this area don't trust the federal government very much. In fact, in my life of living in many different places, people generally don't trust the national guys to give us true information....

Letter to the Editor: Community spirit

Community Days have come and gone but, some lasting impressions will always stay with me. Reunions, family and friends. These things are everlasting.

Letter to the Editor: Exclusive area?

The Friends of the San Rafael filed suit in Federal Court in Salt Lake City challenging the 2003 San Rafael Swell Route Designation Plan.

Letter to the Editor: Darfur genocide

The leaders of the richest countries in the world have just completed three days of discussion. A large part of their conversation centered on fighting poverty in the developing world. ...

Rantings and Ravings

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went over to Colorado to do some river rafting on the Arkansas River. It was an organized activity associated with his work, so we had some local individuals guide us down two different sections of the river....

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