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Changes in news distribution will affect all

This past week I spent four days in southern California at corporate meetings concerning all the newspapers in our chain and I found out something I suspected, but wasn't sure of....

Letter to the Editor: Chickens suffer in plants

Consumers who eat chicken may be unaware of the extent to which these animals suffer before arriving in the neatly wrapped cellophane packages.

Letter to the Editor: Risk to health logic caused on demand

I write in reply to Jerry Anderson's comment in the Sun Advocate May 17, 2005 wherein he questioned the abortion facts I quoted in an earlier issue. I am aware that some here in Utah are unfamiliar with the actual wording of the 1973 landmark Supreme...

Letter to the Editor: Man of God?

George W. Bush, man of God.

Letter to the Editor: Softball complex completion

I am writing about the condition of the softball fields on Fairgrounds Road in Price.

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