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Embracing change is one key to happy existence

This weekend my son and I went to the San Rafael Swell and spent some time at The Wedge. Despite having lived here for a number of years he had never been there before and I wanted him to see it....

Looking back at the future

I find it interesting that I work at a newspaper but never read one until I turned 16 when I moved to Montana to finish high school. When in Canada we lived over 150 miles from the nearest town that published a newspaper and they just weren't part of...

Letter to the Editor: Beautiful artwork

I would like to say how fantastic the sculpture displayed at 100 West and Main Street in Price is. Mr. Prazen has been one of our hidden treasures for too long. What a wonderful way to exploit his artistic merit. ...

Letter to the Editor: Carbon is in Utah

Carbon County is in Utah.

Letter to the Editor: What gives here?

Martha Stewart lies under oath and she does five months in the slammer.

Letter to the Editor: Different cultures

Do you think if we could find 18 women who claim they suffered rape, incest and violence in monogamous communities, we could write their stories and publish it in a book titled, "The Abuses of Monogamy"? ...

Tie congressional salaries to minimum wage

Did you know that raising the minimum wage was a demand of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I have a Dream" speech? King, A. Philip Randolph and other leaders of the 1963 March on Washington...

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