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Anniversaries, history, memories, thoughts on time

It's hard to believe, at least for some of us.

Trusting the kids

Vacations are always enjoyable especially when I get to spend them with my sons. For the last 18 years the boys and I have spent the week between Christmas and New Years at a ski resort somewhere in the Northwest. Two years ago we enjoyed Utah but th...

Letter to the Editor: Great performance

I just wanted to say that Mr. Hoyt and the choir students at Mont Harmon put on a wonderful performance at their Christmas program. It is amazing to me that junior high students can perform such difficult material so well. Mr. Hoyt is obviously very ...

Letter to the Editor: Reasonable timetable

With over 40 percent of the heavy truck traffic in Utah passing over Highway 6 daily, it is a major artery in the states' highway system with an ever increasing traffic overload....

Letter to the Editor: Maybe test would help

Your story about Debbie Pappas and Debbie Sartori's work with the red tail hawk that was shot down by some dastardly person was a fine Christmas present for me.

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