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no injuries in Highway 6 east interchange fender bender, clean up of debris delays traffic

A minivan and a car collided Tuesday afternoon near the east interchange on the bridge in Price. While the accident was not weather related, the high rate of traffic flow through the area over the holidays adds to the chances of accidents. By Wednesd...

New sports require skill, courage

An outdoorsman spends his weekend over the energy loop using a para sail to pull himself over terrain while on skis. New kinds of sports are popping up all the time as participants invent new ways of having fun and exhibiting their courage....

Construction work continues despite the snowy weather

Workers install shingles on the roof of a house being constructed in Wellington, despite the cold weather. There was a time when outside construction tradesmen were often laid off during the bad and cold weather. But today with new tools, materials a...

Committees and boards serve vital purpose

The Restaurant Tax Advisory Board allocated the funds for a new roof over the Main Street park stage in Helper.

Drivers advised to exercise caution to prevent accidents

A fender bender near the Price east interchange on U.S. Highway 6 resulted in delayed traffic, but no injuries on Dec. 28. It is one of the first traffic mishaps of the winter season, but many more accidents are expected....

Foundation analysts explore factors influencing Utah's bankruptcy rates

A wave of accelerating bankruptcy rates continues to sweep across the nation, creating economic, political and social hardships.

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