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One can find Christmas spirit in oddest of places

Over the past few years I have been finding it progressively harder and harder to find the Christmas spirit within myself.

We make our own Christmas

In recent years there seems to be more of an effort by a few to make Christmas more politically correct. Given the ethnic and cultural diversity of the United States some schools have even went so far as to eliminate Christmas carols from their class...

Letter to the Editor: Good place to be for the holidays

This letter is about all the businesses and individuals that took the time to decorate their storefronts or homes for Christmas. The Downtown Alive promotions that were held made it fun to shop. There are so many good things to do and enjoy during th...

Letter to the Editor: Etiquette is the word

My family and I attended the high school choir Christmas concert last evening. I happen to know that these young people and their instructor Mr. Pinedo work very hard to perfect the beautiful music they make, all for our enjoyment. ...

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