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Carbon and Emery counties should be one in spirit

A little less than a hundred years ago, Carbon and Emery counties split from each other. Up until that time they both fell under the geographical designation of Emery County.

The best and the worst

It doesn't matter whether you live in Price or Coos Bay, Ore.; or Havre, Mont.; in the newspaper business you see the best of a community and the worst of a community. For the most part, people and situations have been the same everywhere I have live...

Letter to the Editor: no power plants

I agree with the Sierra Club and the Grand Canyon Trust in objecting to new coal-fired power plants near Lynndyl, Millard County, and Sigurd, Sevier County.

Letter to the Editor: Brown bag congress

This letter is for those who retired from the United States military and do not have access, or know how to use a computer. A National Class Action Group has implemented a "brown bag program" to draw Congressional attention towards the restoration o...

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