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Simpler times only emanate from simple minds

The other day I was standing in one of those super megaplex electronic stores along the Wasatch Front watching a plasma television that was playing one of the old sitcom cable channels. The show that was on was "Leave it to Beaver" and as usual the s...

Gardening feels good

My mother left me with many good traits, one of which is the love of gardening. When I was growing up on the prairies of Saskatchewan in Canada my mother raised incredible vegetable gardens. ...

Letter to the Editor: Not the same as colonial Minute Men

As I listen to these many debates one statement. in particular captured my attention.

Ceo-worker Gap Rises

CEOs at companies that outsource the most U.S. jobs are rewarded with bigger paychecks, according to a new report, "Executive Excess 2004: Campaign Contributions, Outsourcing, Unexpensed Stock Options and Rising CEO Pay."...

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