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Modern equipment eases burden shouldered by Carbon County farmers, ranchers

Sam Raby works on a field in Wellington with a wind rower to ready the alfalfa for bailing. Depending on the weather conditions, as well as the available irrigation water, the farmers and ranchers in the Carbon County area could get one more crop, al...

Committee introduces projected pool figures for Helper's review

Organized by Helper's community development committee, a booth at the art festival highlights a project developed to completely overhaul the city's swimming pool. Along with illustrations of the pool features, the display included a large fish tank...

Price crews paint lines on Main Street

Price crews focus on painting the crosswalks in the downtown area on Wednesday morning. The early start allows the city employees to avoid parked vehicles and makes rerouting the traffic around the newly painted lines a less difficult task to accomp...

County promises meeting to discuss ambulance garage

The issue of the new county ambulance garage site came up at the Carbon commission meeting Aug. 18 and the lawmakers explained the plans for the facility.

Utah consumer agency issues e-mail telephone message scam warning

At locations across Utah and from coast to coast in the United States, consumers are getting stung by cryptic telephone, e-mail and pager messages.

Organization plays key role in handling emergency situations

The recent ramage of Hurricane Charlie through Florida, which wrecked havoc on the west coast and central part of the state, was basically unexpected in scope and destruction.

Sheriff presents scholarships to two Carbon County students

Carbon County Sheriff James Cordova prepares to present scholarship checks to Donald Berry and Alisha Martinez. The funding came from the Utah Sheriffs Association scholarship award program....

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