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Feeling confused about new overtime regulations

If you are like me, I am finding it harder and harder to come up with what the truth is on just about any subject these days. It would seem that in this age of vast media coverage and endless debate information available on the internet, one could ha...

Hearts of Carbon: Fighting for our freedom

Sitting in his comfortable home, frail from years of coal mining and illnesses Ramon Cisneros has trouble talking, as he recalls the Bataan Death March. The 85-year old Price resident said over and over again, "I don't know what saved me."...

Letter to the Editor: Helper can't default without consequences

I didn't attend the meeting about the increase in taxes for Helper City. I have a Helper address but do not pay Helper City taxes. But I think that someone needs to explain about the repayment on Rio Theater grant. ...

Letter to the Editor: it's not too late

As an attorney, I am asked about important court cases, including Brown v. Board of Education.

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