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Shopping locally owned businesses not always easy

I often talk to people who own local businesses that complain about the fact that so many people from here go over the mountain to purchase things they offer in their establishments or that locals spend too much time buying from the box stores in tow...

Are we ready?

The past few weeks there has been a lot of press focusing on Carbon County.

Letter to the Editor: America lost credibility

I can't help but vehemently disagree with Brenda Conner's letter ("Terrorists Beware" Sun Advocate June 8), condoning our American soldier's treatment of the Iraqi prisons.

Letter to the Editor: Maybe cemetery items weren't stolen

Recently I have read a few letters to the editor about shepherd hooks and etc. missing from their loved ones grave.

Letter to the Editor: Females turn to be in charge?

I read with interest the letter written by William Sharp ("Sanctity of life has been lost,"Sun Advocate, June 8).

Letter to the Editor: Isn't it personal property

Can anyone tell me why the lots at the cemetery are not treated as personal property? What I am referring to is the way the cemetery is supervised as far as your decorations are concerned. ...

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