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Graduates look forward to a life without each other

As I took photos last week at the Carbon High graduation, I wondered what must be going through the minds of those in the blue and white on the floor of the BDAC. I just hope it was more than was in my head the night I wore a black robe and left Murr...

Refreshing businesses

This week's column header, "On the Road," is certainly appropriate as I returned Sunday night from a road-trip through Oregon. Some of the time was vacation, while four days were spent in Bend, Ore. attending our company's midyear meetings. Although ...

Letter to the Editor: Thinks at least an apology is in order

I am new to Carbon County, having recently moved here from Grand County where I lived for 20 years.

Letter to the Editor: State flags should be better constructed

Would the person who is over the making of our state flag please make it out of better material and better workmanship as well. I replace three Utah flags for each time I replace our national emblem. ...

Letter to the Editor: Terrorists beware

I just wanted to say a few words of opinion concerning the so-called torture in Iraq.

Letter to the Editor: Adapt our rule of law

The Iraq "detainee/prisoner" abuse scandal at the United States detainee facilities have yet to be totally determined.

Letter to the Editor: Sanctity of life has been lost

In October of 1939 amid the turmoil of the outbreak of war Hitler ordered widespread "mercy killing" of the sick and disabled. Code named "Aktion T 4" the Nazi euthanasia program to eliminate "life unworthy of life" at first focused on newborns and v...

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