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Encounter with coal truck sends two to Castleview Hospital

Fire Chief Scott Rowley and another fire fighter use pneumatic equipment to bend out the front of a car that collided with a coal haul truck, pinning the driver inside. That accident, which took place about 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning at the inte...

Breakfast, books go hand in hand

Breakfast and books go hand in hand at Mont Harmon Junior High. Media instructor Gary Berensen conducts a monthly breakfast club, where he and students present programs on books, authors and new releases. About 25 students participate in the monthly...

Utah's lawmakers scrambling to consider legislative proposals

This crosswalk near the College of Eastern Utah is one of the busiest and most motorists in the area know about it, but unlike this truck that has stopped for the pedestrian, often vehicles can be seen speeding through the area. Citizens are remind...

Price mayor defines council assignments

Mayor Joe Piccolo has created new assignments for the members of Price City Council.

Sluggish economy persists in Carbon

The weakness exhibited in Carbon County's economy during the first three months of last year persisted into the second quarter of 2003.

Utah's lawmakers scrambling to consider legislative proposals

With more than 800 bills to consider during the 2004 session of the Utah Legislature, lawmakers often have to consider what is of direct importance to local constituencies.

Books and Breakfast

Gary Berensen, Media Instructor at Mont Harmon

Gallery East displays abstract exhibit featuring three artists from Salt Lake

Jean Arnold will be one of featured artists that will be showing her work at Gallery East this month.This monotype called "Mesquite 2" will be one of the pieces shown at the gallery....

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