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Redevelopment district dispute a tough nut to crack

Sometimes an issue comes down the road and it is hard to say who is right or wrong about it. Such an issue is the vote last week by the taxation board to discontinue the Redevelopment District in downtown Price....

Rural towns ignore laws

I haven't written much about safety or health issues in my columns and pledged earlier that these areas would get more attention this year.

Letter to the Editor: Disagrees about ban as violation of rights

I just wanted to comment on Richard Shaw's Jan. 27 editorial about smoking.

Letter to the Editor: Idea allows equal rights

I am writing in response to the staff editorial in the Sun Advocate by Richard Shaw, on Jan. 27.

Letter to the Editor: What category will you fit in?

Many of us as United States citizen's have become very complacent with what our elected officials are doing to us. We are losing our freedoms. We are losing the middle class of America. Soon we will either be very rich or very poor. What category wil...

Letter to the Editor: Wouldn't stop the responsible

I'm tired of people accusing gun control advocates of being opposed to all guns, including those used by hunters.

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