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Say paraskevidekatriaphobia to cure your Friday woes

Do you suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia? This is a term coined by Dr. Donald Dossey to describe a fear of Friday the thirteenth. The good doctor claims that once you can pronounce the word, you're cured. And since this Friday fits that bill, it m...

How to enjoy playing

Memorial Day was just a couple weeks ago and before we know it the long Fouth of July weekend will be here. What do you do on your extra days off during the summer?

Letter to the Editor: Gratitude instead of grief

Some time ago we saw on the news, a man raise a picture of his son who had been killed in action in the war at Bagdad. He said, "Here Mr. President, this is a picture of my son who you took from me, I hope you are satisfied." ...

Letter to the Editor: Wells belong to Helper

In reference to the article in the Sun Advocate on May 29, 2003 referring to: "Utah ground water supplements stream, river surface supply."

Letter to the Editor: Audit the CIA

Congress of the United States, who appropriates money, should conduct an audit of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in cemetery

I am writing this letter, because of my disappointment and concern for the looks over Memorial Day weekend of the Price City cemetery.

Letter to the Editor: Questions districts decisions

On February 4 we voted on the Leeway Tax, the board of education proposed. The passed measure raises our taxes to about $61 for every $100,000 of market value. Our homes were taxed at market value when property values were high. Right now you coul...

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