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Moths prove woes are not only one segments issue

It's really easy to ignore the world and it's problems when we set ourselves up in our own little universe. By doing that we can insulate ourselves from other peoples woes and worries and seemingly have a happier life....

Growing local habitat

Habitat for Humanity is a pretty familiar word to most of us. The program has been around since the former President Jimmy Carter was in office and many of us remember seeing photos of entire communities pulling together and building an entire home i...

Letter to the Editor: a Traffic Light would do

An interesting news article in the Salt Lake Tribune recently caught my attention.

Letter to the Editor: Cemetery a disappointment

Over Memorial Day weekend we took flowers to the cemeteries to decorate the graves of relatives.

Letter to the Editor: Look within

I am writing regarding the fear being let out at this time due to personal hardships, plus the terror we are experiencing from outside sources.

What about the public good?

In light of the growing interest in revisiting the objectives of state transportation policy with regard to light rail, the Legacy Highway, expansions of I-15, etc., it would do us well to have a thorough and honest discussion of just what constitute...

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