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Local News

Carbon area residents, Utahns face increased skin cancer risks

Jody Fausett spreads sunscreen on her daughter, Kaitlen, before participating in an afternoon of swimming at a local pool. Health care experts stress the fact that it is extremely important for parents to make sure children wear proper sun block o...

Ground water supplements stream, river surface supply

Underground wells and springs in Spring Canyon supplement Price city's water supply.

Company addresses factors influencing decision to idle Skyline

Skyline mine production will slow, then stop after the middle of next year. Arch Coal announced Tuesday that the mine will be idled, with operations halted in second quarter 2004. Canyon Fuel based the work stoppage decision on a weakness in the U...

Emery deputy dies in mishap

An early morning collision south of Castle Dale on Utah State Road 10 claimed the life of an Emery County sheriff's deputy May 27.

Unusual hearse transports former fire chief to cemetery

The East Carbon fire department brings out the city's old 1940 Ford emergency truck to transport the remains of Herbert Duane Preston to the cemetery last Friday. A fire fighter from 1960 to 1999, Preston was the chief from 1966 until retirement. Al...

Kirkham honored with Visionary Award

Last month Price City honored Melanie Kirkham with the Visionary Service award given monthly to an outstanding community citizen.

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