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Civil 'covenant' marriage could be a step backward

When is a promise not a promise? Or if someone promises the same thing three times does it make it more of a promise than one time does?

Life lessons with a camera

Last Thursday several members of the Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress participated in a photography workshop. Because camera and equipment technology have changed so dramatically over the past few years the newspapers felt their reporters and p...

Letter to the Editor: Selected play sends wrong message

I feel compelled to express my deep disappointment in the choice of "Bye Bye Birdie" for this year's play. I was not familiar with this play, but was sufficiently impressed with past presentations to take my children and invite other friends to join ...

Letter to the Editor: Decide for yourself

I am writing this letter in response to Marlyn L. Stock's letter that was printed in the March 18 Sun Advocate.

Unbalanced budget plan

Farmers and ranchers have not enjoyed the same economic growth and prosperity that many other sectors of American society have experienced in the last decade. Nevertheless, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved a plan to provide tax benefits...

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