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Out of sight, out of mind is the motto for Highway 6

I had fooled myself. Ever since the Utah Highway Patrol began increased enforcement in Spanish Fork-Price Canyon last year and the Utah Department of Transporation had added new signage and more passing lanes, I was convinced things were getting bet...

Past publisher in hall of fame

Although community newspapers are similar in every state, Utah's newspapers are unique in that many of the smaller local community newspapers are still owned and operated by the families that either started them or purchased them years ago. Ownership...

Letter to the Editor: How about yellow ribbons?

It has been wonderful to see the American and Utah State flags up on main street. I hope they stay up.

Letter to the Editor: Burning flag not freedom of speech

This year will be the fourth time Senator Orin Hatch has introduced to the Senate his long sought Flag Protection Amendment.

Letter to the Editor: Legislation usurps Constitution

The federal land management agencies in Utah have embarked upon a statewide initiative to designate certain rivers, streams and dry washes under the federal "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968." ...

Governor made correct choice

Governor Mike Leavitt made the right decision in signing legislation that clarifies an ambiguity in Utah's concealed carry statute on Wednesday afternoon. Leavitt did the responsible thing by signing SB 3108, which makes a common-sense clarification ...

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