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What should employers know about your business?

Many of our state lawmakers hailed the first major revamp of liquor laws for Utah in 10 years as a big victory in the fight against underage drinking and drunk driving.

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I am writing this Sunday afternoon as the clouds clear from a couple days of much needed rain. Although timing was a challenge, the drizzle Saturday during the St. Patrick's Day parade was a welcome relief. It may have dampened the crepe paper and cr...

Letter to the Editor: from Ft. Lewis

Greetings from Fort Lewis, Wash. The troops are doing great, morale is high and we are excited to answer the "call to arms" in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Letter to the Editor: Standing back won't work

Years ago I heard a story about a farm boy in math class. The teacher asked, "If there were 10 sheep in a corral and one jumped out, how many sheep would be left?" This little boy said, "None." She said, "Johnny, why do you say that?" He said, "If on...

Letter to the Editor: Resents implications

I am replying to a letter by Ned Scarlet (Sun Advocate , March 4) to tell him I resent being called a hippie and a traitor.

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed in lack of coverage

I read with much happiness the letter written by Roy Nikas (Sun Advocate March 11) regarding our beloved Lou Colosimo. Lou put his love into this community for 18 years and he was very proud of this city....

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