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Focus on safety when tackling outdoor projects

Using chain saws properly and donning protective equipment are key to safe operation of the equipment. Most injuries and fatalities happen to individuals who have at least one year's experience with the machine, pointing to a familiarity of use whi...

City, state rules govern burns

Controlled open fires in agricultural areas are allowed during late winter and early spring to enable Carbon County farmers to burn off old growth as well as clean ditch banks. But depending on where a controlled burn project is planned, a permit ...

Officials stress conservation

How dry is dry? That's the question Carbon County residents are asking as the fifth consecutive year of drought appears to be approaching

County, state experience climbing unemployment

Carbon County's unemployment rate continues to climb.

BLM Meets with OHV Riders

Scott Wheeler explains his feelings about how the BLM sometimes ignores off road enthusiasts when it comes to planning for recreation.

Legislative actions have ramifications for Carbon County

The cost of that six pack of beer on the store shelf will be going up along with some other state fees while higher education will receive a one percent cut in their budgets.

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