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Cities, towns lobby for stable revenues

As the 2003 Legislative Session comes to a close and lawmakers' focus shifts in earnest to the budget, Utah finds itself among numerous states struggling to get through the current economic downturn without raising taxes or cutting services deeply. ...

Select right storage site for Moab tailings

There are certain words in the English language which make people cringe - words like sewage, toxic, poison, venomous, putrid, scum, slime and radioactive. Certainly, there are many more. But the last one seems to make most Americans skin crawl....

Safety belt usage saves money, lives

With most states facing drastic budget deficits, governments are examining expenditures and looking for efficient ways to save money.

Letter to the Editor: Details proposed Utah income tax bill

Considering the makeup of the Utah Legislature, I do not find it surprising that anytime a piece of proposed legislation makes sense the bill gets bottled up in committee or caucus and never sees the light of day....

Letter to the Editor: Carbon County is a great place

Carbon County is the best! Regardless what the government and the state legislators do and pass bills that favor the counties from St. George to the Idaho and Nevada borders on the Wasatch Front, we in Carbon County will still live a safer, secure an...

Letter to the Editor: Don't let them do their duty in vain

Thank you for allowing private citizens the right to voice their opinion in your newspaper.

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