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Questions, comments are our charge resposibility

For the most part, especially with our national and state government, the public has many opportunities to provide input before changes or actions on issues take place. Some people are vigilant at watching the legal advertisements in their community...

We sometimes forget how lucky we are

It's easy to get caught up in the everyday clamor of things. And it's also easy to forget that the big wide world out there has a lot to offer; things beyond working in the business of journalism and dealing with the everyday problems of modern life....

Support the grunts and not the greed

Sometimes I wonder if our so-called "leaders" in Washington get up every morning and drink a great big glass of hypocrisy just to get them prepared for their day's work.

Letter to the Editor: Businesses before trees

I would like to comment on the tree controversy on Price City's Main Street.

Letter to the Editor: Not inaccurate history lessons

I was under the impression that the Sun Advocate printed only respectable, newsworthy material.

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