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Sweet Scents: Candle Making Family Style

Driving down a side street in Wellington one would never think that the little storefront squeezed between a laundromat and a carwash does business all over the country and is about to launch into international trade. But that's exactly what Castl...

Emery Telcom Internet Expands DSL Service

Shawn Mecham, Emery Telcom technician working on the installation of the DSL service in East Carbon and Sunnyside.

New location for Kenworth Sales

Craig Dastrup is the branch manager of Kenworth Sales in Price.

New Upholstery Shop Opens

Alger Upholstery employees, front row, left to right, Julianne Orth, Krista Atwood, and Shirley Alger. Back row is Matthew Thatcher, Doug Thatcher, and John Alger.

Price City honors Krompel for community service

Rachael Krompel and her award.

Salt service opens

Frank Gordon is the owner of Castle Country Salt Service.

Help Advocates expands

Jo Matern and Chon Kandaris are associates at Help Advocates.

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