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Carbon Senior Scene

Itchy, watery eyes, allergies are in the air

These cute and cuddly critters could easily become a source of pain and discomfort for someone who suffers from allergies. Don't be disappointed however, medication can reduce symptoms and allow pet lovers to continue to enjoy the furry friends....

Wellness Center expands

Patients are pictured during an aquatics fitness program

Bicycling for transportation health and competition

Bicyclists at this years triathlon in Pleasant Valley had to be well conditioned before taking on and finally finishing the course. For some the bicycling is the most grueling because of the skills it takes to keep going....

Health Department responds to West Nile Virus

The Southeastern Utah District Health Department is responding to many inquiries about the West Nile Virus. "The West Nile Virus is a hot topic right now because of the high number of cases and fatalities," reports Terrie C. Wright, Emergency Prepare...

Virus not likely to affect household pets

West Nile virus is not likely to be much of a problem for dogs and cats or most traditional household pets.

Home tips can prevents accidents and injuries

According to Sherry Feichko at Rocky Mountain Home Care there are numerous tips that can prevent accidents and injuries in and around homes. Tips in the kitchen include such things as never wear lose or flowing clothing while you are cooking, try not...

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