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Castle County Homes and Gardens

Native Gardening, natural choice for waterwise landscaping

Greenhouses mean different things to different people.

When Will Your House Fall Apart?

Have you ever wondered how long items in your house are expected to last? How long will that remodeling job be good for? Of course it depends on proper care and handling but below is a list of common household items, their estimated life expectancy a...

Major appliance shopping hints and tips

Appliances are major investments for a home. In addition to the initial cost, the typical American homeowner pays up to $1500 per year to use, care for and maintain major appliances. Since appliances have relatively long life expectancy, a poor choic...

Put garden waste to good use

Using garden waste can reduce the flow of green material sent to the landfill, improve the soil and increase the health of most plants. Try these ideas before sending yard waste to the dump....

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