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Letter to the Editor: Turn a blind eye



How can Utah's "goodie two shoes" Republicans continue to support King Bush whose past and current records are as follows:

One, in private life he tried three business ventures and failed.

Two, he avoided Vietnam duty thanks to his father's political influence. Conversely, he has no compunction of conscience about killing 3000 Americans and 675.000 Iraqis in his no win, mission impossible, Iraq war with absolutely no end in sight.

Three, he left Texas' finances in shambles when he left the governor's office.

Four, nothing has changed. He has created a billion dollar monster national deficit during his presidency which Americans will be paying off long after he is dead and buried. Clinton, incidentally, turned over a budget surplus to Bush when he left office.

Five, he has created his Homeland Insecurity Act and a not so Patriotic Act which further erode our individual liberties instead of protecting them.

Six, he will install a 700 mile long multi-million dollar Mexican border fence supposedly to keep out illegals. Too little and late. He has already allowed 13 million illegals into the U.S.A. so his corporate friends don't have to pay them even minimum wages to get their grunt work done.

Seven, he has signed numerous other bills which when examined closely further harm Americans individual rights.

The indictments against Bush go on ad nauseam, but as usual, Utah Republicans will just turn a blind eye to them.

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