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Letter to the Editor: Honor commitments



We are living in a nation that will not keep its promises to military retirees who spent the most productive years of their lives defending the United States of America (These promises are addressed in HR602 & S407).

If these prior promises can not be honored, how in the world will present and future veterans fare in their time of need?

Congressional members who cannot honor our nation's promises need to be voted out of office next month. Our Utah members of Congress pay lip service to us military retirees and other veterans organizations during Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, etc., often signing on in support of our bills, but none have ever taken any action to get them out of committee to the floor of either the House or Senate for a full vote.

We have the numbers, so let's vote the incumbents out if the promise of health care for life to military retirees is not honored by November 7, 2006 - Election Day.

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