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Curves of Price

Hi, my name is Dorothy Wilson. I was a stay at home mom and my husband, Dale, works at the Huntington Plant as a control room operator. We also own a family farm in Spring Glen. My husband, Dale and I purchased Curves in May of 2006. I have been a member since January of 2006. Through the programs; both exercise and diet, I have lost 34 pounds and 22 inches, 9 alone just off my abs! My husband and I knew the programs worked and decided to invest in Curves.

After attending Club Camp for Owners, in Waco, Texas, we figured out more about the company and what they stand for. Being impressed by what they taught and what we learned about health, nutrition and exercise programs, we returned home and put some new ideas to work for the Curves in Price.The programs were improved and women are losing more inches and pounds than in the past. Everyone here at Curves is happy and impressed with the changes that we have made.

Some of the changes are just physical changes, such as painting and making the club our own. The other changes are the emotional support and encouragement that the women receive from the staff and me. We love to see the members of Curves who are very special women, develop a positive attitude and improve their outlook on themselves.

It is a wonderful job and a more fulfilling way to spend my time. Although my husband would like me at home more, I couldn't have asked for better staff or a more loving staff to have working for the members or for me. They truly care about our women's health, both mentally and physically.

If you are interested in visiting our club, or even a past member coming in to check out the changes, you are always welcome!

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