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Fitness World

Fitness World is owned and operated by Jerri and Randy Timothy. Jerri started teaching aerobics April 1982. Her training was through International Jazzworks. In 1887 she became the Wyoming and Montana supervisor to help train other instructors, and help with seminars for continued education for International Jazzworks.

When the company retired in 1991 Jerri changed her program to Bodyworks with the help of two instructors she had trained. In September of 2003, Jerri started Total Aerobics Fitness in Price, then Fitness World opened January 2004. Jerri also trained instructors to help teach at the gym. Jerri was certified as a Pilates Fitness Instructor through AFPA January 2005, and certified through IFPA as a personal fitness trainer October 2005 and a Group Fitness Instructor, November 2005.

Fitness World offers monthly memberships and non-membership benefits, which allows anyone to use the gym and fitness classes, such as Step Aerobics, Body Sculpting, Pilates, Yoga and Kickboxing. We also offer personal training and tanning.

Andrea Howe has her Massage business located at the gym. The staff at Fitness World can help you with y our fitness programs and take your measurements and body fat/mass test, to give you a goal to set personally. If you want to lose weight ask about the 7-Day Diet Plan from the four basic food groups. Up to 50 lbs. has been lost with this diet!

Jerri put together a well-rounded workout and called it Total-Aerobic Fitness because it covers more body parts than any other program in a one hour class! The Body Sculpting class covers 1 hour of sculpting your body using weights, bands, weighted sticks, hand held weighted balls and the big fitness (body) balls. The Pilates program is a wonderful program that offers a unique method of body control and conditioning, stretching and strengthening the muscles while improving flexibility and balance.Kickboxing is based on punches, jabs and kicks. The kickboxing moves are designed to get your heart pounding and condition your muscles. Yoga is great for relaxation strength relief and flexibility.

Fitness World is open Monday thru Friday, 6am-8pm, and Saturday, 8am - 2pm. Fitness world provides all the steps, weights, bands, weighted sticks, weighted hand held balls, and the body balls.

See you there!

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