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Seidels Back to the 50's Diner and Steakhouse

We started this business for my son Grey about two years ago with a party supply store. We sold ice cream and Popcorn, which was great during the summer.

I told my son, "We have to do something to pay rent this winter. Let's sell soup, chili, hot dogs, etc." A friend of mine, Betty helped us make homemade soup, that went over good. Then another friend, Jim, showed us how to make his sandwiches. Pretty soon, we outgrew our four little tables and had to move to a bigger place.

It was then we went with a 50's theme. People loved it. They would walk in and say, "Boy this takes me back to the 50s," so that's what we named it.

Then, we had the other half of our building empty. So our son decided Helper needed its own steakhouse. So, here we are two years later, still working.

Thanks to our friends, customers and good employees we'll hang in there for awhile longer. Come up and try our homemade cooking.

We are located 179 S. Main, Helper, 472-0999.

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