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Winters End

"Come in and be well" is Julie Anderson's motto for Winters End, your natural health store.

Opened in Price in March, our seven year old busines was moved from a successful location in Oregon. We came to Utah to be nearer to our grown children and grandchildren and reopened Winters End.

Dedicated to top quality products at the best possible price, I offer over 200 single and blended homeopathics in different potencies, over 80 single essential oils and over 70 essential oil special blends. I carry two different lines of flower essences, and two full lines of single and blended herbs in both liquid and capsule form. We carry Pioneer whole food vitamins and several other vitamin lines of superior quality with exceptionally high bio-availability.

If you are looking for yoga or pilates supplies, juicers or waterpurifies, magnetic jewlery and support products, incense or massage supplies and even makeup and body care products that are organic and truely good for you, then come right in. We carry food and much more to assist you in your natural health needs.

It all began almost 30 years ago when two of my children were not able to be healed through regular medical treatment. I turned to the study of all things natural to understand healing and the human body. After 14 years, I included the study of the mind and alternative spiritual and emotional healing. Finally I opened Winters End to share what I had learned and help others to find the information that they might consider in their quest for natural health.

Now, with six children and seven grandchildren, we are grateful to this community for your support and friendship.Having nearly 30 years of experience in the natural products arena, come in and let my knowledge go to work for you.

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