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Division of Wildlife Resources seeks party in case of bull elk shooting

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) in Price is seeking information about the death of a mature bull elk, killed on Friday or Saturday, Oct. 13 or 14. The bull was found in Swen Canyon near the north end of Electric Lake.

The bull died from a gunshot wound to the lower chest. The bull may have been killed by accident, while hunters were shooting at other legal animals, such as spike bulls or cow elk.

The DWR is asking for the public's help in determining who killed the bull elk. A reward permit or a monetary reward may be given for information leading to the responsible person or persons. We would ask anyone with information to call the Price DWR office and speak with Lieutenant Carl Gramlich at: 435-636-0270. Callers may also speak with Sergeant Stacey Jones at: 820-6445 or Mike Milburn at: 820-6014.

Anyone who observes illegal activity during the hunting season is encouraged to call the "Help Stop Poaching" hotline at: 1-800-662-DEER.

The caller's identity may remain anonymous or held in confidentiality.

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