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Email provider tells customers that some messages could be lost

Sun Advocate publisher

In an email to customers on Wednesday morning, Emery Telcom internet supervisor Alan Rowley advised that because of "a bizarre series of events" the situation created a scenario where those using the company's services may have lost email earlier this week.

Around the area many residents were complaining about the fact they couldn't access email on Monday and Tuesday. The problem apparently was related to the weather.

"There was a brown-out on Monday in conjunction with some lightning strikes that appear to have penetrated our battery protection," state Rowley in the email. "The combination of these events destroyed our email server and corrupted both our primary email files and our backup email files."

He said that the company's personnel have tried to recover and restore files off both servers, but had not been able to do so.

"I am sorry to report that some emails may have been lost in spite of multiple layers of precautions (the company has in place)," he stated.

Rowley also noted that the company is reviewing its safeguards to keep such a thing from happening again.

As late as Tuesday evening calls to the company's help center told customers that the company was having problems wth the system. But Wednesday morning the system the company operates was up and running again.

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