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Online Resources for Teen Business Start-up Launched by SBA and Ja Worldwide

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced in August the launch of new online resources for young entrepreneurs at the Mind Your Own Business teen Web site, to help young entrepreneurs succeed in the world of business.

The SBA and JA Worldwide (Junior Achievement) have teamed up to develop three new Mind Your Own Business resources: a student activities guide, a volunteer guide, and an assessment tool - Start it, Grow it, Own it! - that serves as a companion tool to the student activities and volunteer guides. Each of these resources is available at the Web site, and is cosponsored by JA Worldwide.

Titled Make It Your Business, the student activities guide includes an interest inventory and group activities designed to teach teens the fundamentals of business ownership. The Make It Your Business volunteer guide instructs group leaders through student business sessions that can be implemented in the classroom, in student clubs or in an after-school setting.

The SBA and JA Worldwide introduced the Mind Your Own Business teen Web site to provide support to the growing interest in entrepreneurship among teens, and to serve as a small business portal for youth entrepreneurs.

The Mind Your Own Business Web site introduces five easy-to-navigate steps on business ownership for the entrepreneurial-minded teen, each with helpful information for young entrepreneurs who want to start, run or grow their own businesses.

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