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Letter to the Editor: Asking for fairness

East Carbon


I would like to respond to the article entitled "Board of Education considers establishing sick leave bank policy" (Sun Advocate, Sept. 19, 2006).

The article spoke about classified employees in the district who are able to work 20 plus hours a week. What about school bus drivers? We are also classified employees but are not allowed to go over 19 and one half hours a week. Are we not as important as the other employees?

We transport your children, grandchildren, all kids in Carbon County and do it with a near perfect safety record and a smile every single day. Some of us drive on the deadly Highway 6 two times a day with nerves of steel and yet pleasant as ever to our charges. We are the first people that see your child and the last in the afternoon before they are returned safely to you. Don't we deserve some kind of work related benefits?

Do you know most of us are part time with no chance of becoming full time? We have no health benefits, cannot draw unemployment in the summer and when we don't drive there is no money coming in. We have limited sick leave and have to hope there is a substitute driver who can drive for us on that day.

But through all this we love our jobs. We support the students in all they do, getting good grades, extra curricular activities, volunteering at their schools, etc. Even noticing a new pair of shoes or a brand new haircut.

Parents would be so surprised to learn what our students are willing to share with us and maybe a bit embarrassed too.

All I am asking is for us to be treated as fair as the other classified employees in Carbon County School District.

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