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Gasoline prices drop across the state, but not below national

Despite double-digit drops in gasoline prices this past month, Utah's average gasoline prices this past month, Utah's average gasoline price is still among the highest in the country, according to a new report from AAA Utah, which tracks gas prices as a service to the consumer.

The average price for a gallon of regular, self-serve gasoline in Utah is currently $2.60. This is 35 cents lower than the last AAA report on September 12 and 23 cents lower than a year ago. Only six states, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington have higher prices. Missouri's price, $2.05, is the lowest in the country.

The current average national price is $2.26. This is 35 cents lower than last month and 63 cents lower than a year ago.

"Oil supplies appear to be strong, and prices should continue to move lower through October," said Rolayne Fairclough, spokesperson for AAA Utah. "When prices rise or fall quickly some stations will raise or lower prices more aggressively than others. This is the time when motorists can save money by watching out for stations with the lowest prices."

All of the intermountain states enjoyed falling gasoline prices this past month. Idaho's average price for regular, self-serve gasoline dropped 39 cents to $2.58. Montana's price, $2.47, is 44 cents lower. Wyoming's motorists enjoyed a 41-cent decrease in the cost of regular gasoline. The current average price in Wyoming is $2.45. Colorado's average price also dropped 41 cents to the current average price, $2.45. Arizona's current average price is $2.29. This is 34 cents less than last month. Nevada's price, $2.64, is 32 cents lower. California's motorist currently pay an average of $2.60, 36 cents lower than last month.

All of the Utah cities surveyed by AAA enjoyed substantial decreases this past month. St. George's average price dropped the most, 44 cents. The current average price in St. George is $2.57. Salt Lake City and Moab motorists both saw prices drop 36 cents from September's average. The current price in Salt Lake City is $2.52. Moab's current average price is $2.61. Vernal's current average price is $2.62. This is 33 cents lower than last month's price. Ogden's average price dropped 32 cents to the current average, $2.60. Logan's current average price, $2.63 is the highest of the Utah cities AAA surveyed. It is 31 cents lower than its average price in September's report.

Autumn's change in temperature affects tire pressure. To be safe and to save money, motorists should check their tires' pressure. Not only do tires wear faster when improperly inflated, an under-inflated tire can adversely affect fuel efficiency.

One way consumers can reduce the amount of money they spend on fuel is to shop aggressively for the lowest price. AAA Utah has a tool that can help. Located online at, the AAA Fuel Finder has real time information on gas prices at more than 85,000 gas stations throughout the United States.

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