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Letter to the Editor: do the right thing



We have a brand new playground in the county of Carbon. The people of this county pulled together to fund raise, build, and unify, which is something that rarely happens in this community.As a matter of fact this community has been fraught with division for as long as I have been alive whether it is over politics, religion, or financial status.

When this playground was first conceived it promised a possible unification that just might bring the people together as equal partners in a legacy that all could share in for as long as the playground stood. Never in my lifetime has an idea been framed with such passion as this venture. There were no ladders to push others under or omnipotent beings to grovel to. There were everyday folks with an idea to build a park that the entire community would not only enjoy, but participate in the architectural planning, financial acquisition, and ultimately the structural raising.

For those who participated (which was virtually everyone), it was a crowning moment to share in the success and feeling of accomplishment when the "idea" was realized. Many people sacrificed, persevered, and literally gave what they could to see this through.

It would be demeaning to put a price tag on that dedication or suggest that one sacrifice was more valuable than another. Can we truly say that because one individual did not have the financial backing to front a large sum, but gave selflessly of their time and willingness, that this individual did less?

We had the opportunity to start a legacy of unity in our community. In fact maybe we still do. By not categorizing a citizens' worth by their pocketbook, and realizing that we here in the community would not have a park without any of the donations given so generously whether they were the monies collected, those collecting the monies, the people wielding the hammer, individuals watching the children, the people attending the meetings and those dedicating their time, we would be doing a wonderful thing.

Nothing would have been accomplished without the sum total of our team work. To quote a much used cliche', "There is no I in team."

To make the assumption that one persons value is above anyone else who made this venture a reality is an assumption that further damages our possibilities as a unified community.

That has never really been achieved, but the opportunity is there for those who need to do the right thing.

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