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Letter to the Editor: (Dis) Respect


I am so tired of hearing the all the Bush supporters cry about the non-supporters not respecting the office of the president.

The office is an inanimate object, a desk and chair that cannot follow policy or law. The person who occupies that office should be the subject of respect or disrespect, depending on one's opinion of him.

There are many citizens of this country who obviously disrespect the current occupant (myself included) because of his dishonesty, his unwillingness to admit mistakes, his administration's need for secrecy, his willingness to go headlong into an ill-advised war against a sovereign nation, his illegal spying on United States citizens, his total lack of respect for the Constitution of the United States, etc.

Yet the sycophants who blindly go along with everything that comes from the mouths of him and his band in the White House label any dissenters unpatriotic, and supportive of Al-Qaida.

Dissent has always been the protector of democracy. We in this country used to know that, but this administration has used fear so effectively to rule and control that many of us are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisal from a tyrannical government.

Soon it will be too late.

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