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Students request Price's assistance in remedying traffic conditions by CEU

Sun Advocate reporter

College of Eastern Utah student leaders approached Price officials at last Wednesday's council meeting with concerns about traffic conditions on the roads bordering CEU, primarily 300 East and 400 North.

According to the association of students public relations chair Ben Waldon, safety conditions along the streets have become a major concern for CEU attendees.

A recent cluster of traffic accidents has brought the issue to the forefront for the CEU studentbody.

On Sept. 13, Kaylie Brundage received minor injuries after reportedly being struck by a motor vehicle while crossing 300 East.

According to Price Police Chief Aleck Shilaos, the major factors contributing to the accident were the fact that Brundage was not crossing in a crosswalk and the area is dimly lit.

On Sept. 20, a truck rolled on 400 North when the driver apparently swerved to miss a dog. No was injured in the mishap, but the truck landed on the front lawn of the LDS Institute building..

"This issue affects many lives," stated Waldon during the Sept. 27 council meeting.

The dangerous street conditions fall into the hands of the city and the CEU studentbody, pointed out Waldon.

ASCEU members have been urging college students to use marked crosswalks.

The association is advertising the message campus wide through the student government.

"We are here to ask you to take a look at the situation from a stand point of safety rather than legality," explained Waldon. "This issue does not only affect us, but Carbon High and Mont Harmon Junior High students as well, it is truly a community wide problem," he continued.

The ASCEU representatives produced speed records as well as surveys that detailed the college students' suggestions for remedying the traffic situation.

The students requested the city's help in increasing the police presence on the streets, stepping up the issuance of traffic citations around the college and improving the lighting, especially on the portion of 300 East between the student center and 500 North.

According to Waldon, the CEU campus police are only allowed to ticket jay-walkers at the present time.

College peace officers do not have jurisdiction to issue speeding tickets to motorists driving on the streets.

The CEU students would like to see a more cooperative effort to resolve the concerns by the college peace officers and the city's police department.

"I like to have the college in our town. I think its a vibrant part of our town," pointed out Price Councilmember Jeanne McEvoy.

However, McEvoy reported that she has witnessed college students slowly meandering across the streets while talking on cell phones and not paying attention to the traffic during the last year

McEvoy suggested that the ASCEU talk to the people attending the college as well as the students at Carbon High School regarding the public safety concerns.

McEvoy believes that peer interaction and discussion would be an effective way to get students to accept responsibility and be more accountable for their actions.

Councilmember Jeff Nielson stated that, because of recent events, he has looked at the logistics of the situation closely.

Nielson indicated that the crosswalk on 300 East is highly visible and well lit.

However, a dark unlighted area is located slightly beyond the crosswalk, continued Nielson. There are some lights on the CEU side of the street that are blocked by the surrounding trees.

"We get new students every two years. They are not safety minded and we need to do what we can to trim those trees and light that area," pointed out Nielson.

Following the discussion, Mayor Joe Piccolo assigned a committee to define the proper course of action designed to remedy the public safety concerns on the streets around the CEU campus.

The committee will consist of Piccolo, Councilmembers McEvoy and Nielson, Police Chief Shilaos and members of the ASCEU.

The ASCEU contacted the Price city offices on Monday morning to set up the committee's first meeting.

A report will be made by the committee at the following Price City council meeting.

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