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State rescinds fire restrictions

Fire restrictions throughout Utah are rescinded as of 12:01 a.m., on Sept. 29. The lifting of restrictions also applies to the area of northwestern Arizona known as the Arizona Strip.

Moderating temperatures and weather patterns have reduced the threat of wildland fire.

"Utah's 2006 wildland fire season has been a bit above average compared to what is being called the worst fire season in the last decade nationally," said State Forester Joel Frandsen. "Of escalating concern in Utah is the growing number of wildfires that threaten homes in the urban interface. On behalf of all state, federal and local agencies we express our appreciation for the public's assistance in abiding with the restrictions," added Frandsen.

While weather patterns have considerably reduced the threat of wildland fire it has not been eliminated. Fire officials ask that you continue to exercise caution in the use of fire, especially during this hunting season. Of particular concern are campfires that are a major factor in human caused fires.

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