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Last race of season coming up soon

A driver climbs out of his truck after a smash up on the track.

The last race of the season at the Desert Thunder Raceway in Price will probably be one of the biggest in the west this season.

The races coming up on Sept. 29-30, will feature dozens of cars with the super modified class being very large, with a lot of out of state participants.

This past weekend the races were hot and heavy, with locals vying against each other and a few out of towners too.

September 16 race results


1. Charlie Hall

2. Richard Godin

3. Jeremy Robison

4. Steve Taylor

5. Zeph Tucker

6. Dee Bruce

Pure stock

1. Sam Marrelli

2. David Adai

3. Dean A. LaCotta Sr.

4. Paul Neese

5. Scott Bradford

6. Dee Bruce

7. Laci Vasquez

8. Troy Sweeten

9. Kirk McArthur

10. Sharon Wilson

11. Kareem Hopkins

12. Barry Mills


1. Kenny Parish

2. Gary Oliver

3. Todd Oldham

4. Steve Taylor

5. David O'Brien


1. Jeep Berry

2. Curt Daniels

3. Terry Boushee

4. Jim Gordon

5. Mike McGinn

6. Jessie Dimick

7. Greg Scott

8. Jeff Davis

9. Corey Smith

10. Jason Davis

11. Michael Wright

12. Andy Hockenhull

13. Aaron Huntington

13. Cory Gordon

14. Steve Gray

15. Bob Cook


1. Chase Hansen

2. Brett Alderson

3. Dave Madill

4. Ryan Dimick

5. Mickey Stubbings

6. Jon Stringfellow

7. Brandon Hughs

8. Richard Oliver

9. Bryan Hughs

10. J.R. Herrera

11. Ike Lee

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