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Governor calls probe of gasoline prices

Governor Jon Huntsman directed the Utah Department of Commerce and Utah's Energy Advisor last week to probe the ongoing high cost of gasoline in Utah which he termed as "remarkably high."

Nationally, gasoline prices have been steadily declining over the past several weeks. However, Utahns continue to pay some of the highest prices for gasoline in the nation.

"Our current market price reflects a similar trend shown earlier in the summer when local prices were below the national average," said Dr. Laura Nelson, energy advisor to Governor Jon Huntsman. "We are reviewing the current market and expect our market will continue to stabilize in the Intermountain West."

The Governor has directed Dr. Nelson and Francine Giani, Executive Director of the Commerce Department, to work together with the parties involved in establishing gasoline prices in the State of Utah.

"Other states have not taken extraordinary steps to review the industry but are experiencing price declines now," Giani said. "But we will be vigilant in protecting Utah consumers and actively monitoring prices statewide."

"We are anxious to do all we can to get results in an area as important as gasoline prices for all Utahns," Governor Huntsman said.

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