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Castle Gate Posse goes to state meet

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Murder'n Maude held up the middle of the pack score wise but as the lead slinging nun she is a prize.

Carbon and Emery counties local cowboy action shooting club, the Castle Gate Posse spent a long weekend in Park City doing what they do best. Slinging lead down range at a shooting event.

And it wasn't just any event but the Utah state championship, known as the Utah War. It hosted just under 200 shooters of all ages, from many parts of the state.

A few of these folks are fresh from the World Championships in Albuquerque, N.M. and are tuned up for fast shooting.

But there was a lot to be proud of in the local Wild Bunch. They do a bang up job of keeping the Old West alive.

Shooting fast at steel against a timer and dressed in 1890's is no easy trick. Especially when there are the silly B-western scenarios to act out with lines to say and target sequences to remember.

The largest group of shooters shot in the senior category, age 60 and over.

The most notable categories were those for the under age 16 shooters. Boys and girls mixed in with moms and dads, grandmas and granddads. It was truly a family affair as are the monthly shoots put on by The Castle Gate Posse.

This dedicated group of single action shooters are looking forward to moving into their world class shooting town at the new Carbon County Gun Range, where they soon will be hosting large groups of fast, lead slinging, whoop'n and a holler'n cowboy action shooters.

Here are the folks who are members of the Castle Gate Posse and state champions.

•Hobble Creek, aka Bob Marshal, first in men's 49'r and overall state c.hampion.

•Fargo Kid, aka Cameron Montgomery, first in frontier cartridge.

•Uncle Billy, aka Jim Madsen, third in frontier cartridge.

•Cinch, aka Dallas Perant, first in duelist.

•Doc Nelson, aka Robert Nelson. First in gun fighter.

•Senorita Tira Todo, aka Kay Nelson. First in lady gun fighter.

•Ricochet Red, aka Randal Honey, second in classic cowboy.

•Giggles, aka Kristen Smith, second in ladies traditional.

•Blooming Desert, aka Brittney Kelson, first place and was the state champ in buckarette at 13 and under.

A special moment took place when six year old Barrel Burner made his grandpa proud when he beat some of the fastest shooters in the world at the man on man shoot off.

The team's own Dingo Man, aka Ernie Bentley, came home with a big smile on his face as he shot the whole match clean, with no misses.

"I don't care how slow ya shoot; just hit the dang targets !" said Dingo.

For more information on this fun shooting activity contact Cowboy Murder'n Maude 637-8209 or Dingo Man 637-7188

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