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Highway patrol troolers enforce "Move over Law"

A state trooper makes a routine traffic stop on U.S. Highway 6. Drivers who pass emergency vehicles are required to move over when possible and reduce travel speeds for the safety of emergency personnel.

The Utah Highway Patrol in the Price area regularly reports motorists passing troopers at a high rate of speed while on traffic stops and accident scenes.

Routinely, motorists fail to move over to allow a cushion of safety.

UHP officials remind drivers of the importance of the "Move Over Law."

The law requires that as a motorist approaches an emergency vehicle on the side of the road with its emergency lights on - whether police, fire, ambulance or wreckers - that drivers slow down or move over creating a one-lane cushion for emergency personnel.

If it's not feasible to move over to the next lane, drivers must slow down and move over as far as safely possible within their lane of travel. This allows not only for the safety of police, fire and ambulance personnel, but also for all other parties, including crash victims, stranded motorists and drivers stopped for traffic violations.

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